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In Depth: Fusion Strides at NIF
How scientists recently pushed closer to sustainable fusion

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Ice Cream at Home
Learn the physics behind making this tasty treat

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Lene Hau
In 1999, after years of practice, Lene Hau learned how to bicycle at the speed of light.

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Wildfire Science and Rothermel's Legacy
It's wildfire season in the western U.S., and one fire in particular has taken the spotlight this week. Burning thousands of acres, the High Park Fire has already killed one woman and destroyed over 100 structures near Fort Collins, CO.Two summers ago, t...

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Insatiable Birdie
Can a book inspire you as a child to grow up and solve one of the most famous mysteries of mathematics? Come take a peek inside Physics for Entertainment to find out. Originally published over seventy years ago in Russia, this classic book answers many fascinating questions that one might not even think are physics questions. “Can an invisible man see? Why are all cats grey when the candles are out?” The excerpt below explains the habits or our beloved drinking bird toy.

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