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Electricity & Magnetism


Hovering Snowflake Decorations

Decorate in style this holiday season with static electricity


Make Your Own Compass

Find the Earth's North Pole quickly and easily


Make Your Own Homopolar Motor

Make a simple spinning motor with household supplies


Glowing Jell-O Physics

Fluorescent Jell-O is easy to make and fun to eat


Physics at the Breakfast Table: Getting your Fill of Iron

How would you feel about having a bowl full of nails for breakfast? Okay, the shape might be a problem - so how about eating a bowl full of iron shavings? Believe it or not, some breakfast cereals contain actual iron shavings - on purpose!


Physics by the Fridge: Zip Magnets

Almost as confusing as an on and off relationship, these flat refrigerator magnets alternate between attraction and repulsion, but only when pulled in the right direction. Give it a try and see if you can make these magnets zip.


Physics in a Jar: Make Your Own Ferrofluid

Is it a miniature porcupine? No! It’s ferrofluid. Follow these simple instructions to make your own.

us dollar

Physics in Your Wallet: Move your Money Maker with Magnets

When payday rolls around and you're wondering what to do with your money, try this simple experiment and make your money move.


Electric Whirl Pool

Magneto hydrodynamic propulsion in your coffee cup!


Physics in the Sink: Dancing Water

The kitchen sink is a good place to wash dishes, rinse out empty soup cans and soak crusty bowls, but it’s also a great place to investigate one of the coolest forces of nature – electrostatics.