Comic Books

For years, PhysicsCentral has been engaging children (and children at heart) with our physics-based comic books.

Most recently, we've written and illustrated the Spectra series following the titular middle school superhero with all of the powers of a laser beam. Comics one through eight can be read online for free, and the ninth book will be released in 2017.

Additionally, you can read our popular 2008 comic that pitted Thomas Edison versus the unsung hero of electricity and magnetism: Nikola Tesla. Just click on any of the comics below to read them online.


Spectra 1

Click to read Spectra 1 online

Spectra 2: Power

Click to read Spectra 2: Power!

Spectra 3: Force

Read Spectra 3: Force!

Spectra 4: Spectra Heats Up

Read Spectra 4: Heats Up!

Spectra 5: Turbulent Times

Click to Read Spectra 5: Turbulent Times

Tesla and the Electric Fair

Click to read Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair

Spectra 6: Quantum Leap

Spectra 6 Cover

Spectra 7: High Intensity

Spectra 7 cover

Spectra 8: Current Crisis

Click here to read or download all of Spectra 8: Spectra's Current Crisis!

Spectra 9: Sonic Surprise

Click here to read Spectra 9: Spectra's Sonic Surprise!

Spectra 10: Energetic Escape

Spectra 10: Energetic Escape