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Clever use of the Doppler effect may enable rapid, portable concussion screening in football games.

Game vs. Brain: New Hope for Detecting Concussions on the Sidelines

Clever use of the Doppler effect may enable rapid, portable concussion screening.

Silver ants get their name from a coat of bio-fiber optic hairs!

The Hairy Optics of Saharan Silver Ants

Ants from the Sahara use biological fiber optics to keep cool.

Nanotechnology promises to revolutionize the way we care for our teeth

Nanodentistry: Big Impacts from Small Science

Nanoscale technologies are finding their way into your dentist's office!

The blasted ruins of a temple in Nagasaki, Japan.


Decades after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, scientists debate their application to modern radiation safety standards.


India's Connection to the Stars

Documenting the astronomical beliefs of several Indian ethnic groups.


The Science Behind World Cup Passing Networks

Network theory reveals successful World Cup strategies


Back Lever Physics

Discover the physics behind this bodyweight skill and master it yourself


Galilean Relativity and Galileo's Ship

How Galileo showed we aren't at the center of the universe


How to Do a Handstand with Physics

Physics can help you master this move


Detecting Schizophrenia with Magnetic Fields

Using physics to detect the brain disorder earlier


Supersonic Ping Pong Bazooka

Engineers create a ping pong gun that breaks the sound barrier


Science on the Silver Screen

Scientists break down the science in popular films


Science of a Shipwreck: Costa Concordia

Largest salvage effort ever presents unique engineering challenges


Art and Physics Converge: Accidental Painting

A physicist and art historian explore a beautiful intersection

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Physics and Math Predict Supreme Court Votes

Math reveals justices' voting patterns

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The Unreality of Time

How a world without time may be possible