PhysicsQuest: Spectra’s Sonic Surprise

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Leading up to the big Valentines day dance, Lucy has a few problems. Well, really one big problem, she's lost her powers! They have gone as mysteriously as they came and she doesn't know why. But she's not the only one in the town to randomly develop powers—Kas is in for a big surprise. Follow Lucy, a.k.a. Spectra, and her friends through yet another adventure at Tesla Junior high. Students will learn about sound through experiments with vibrations, beat frequencies, amplification, and pitch.

Registration for this year's kits is closed, and kits have already been shipped. Please check back soon for next year's PhysicsQuest! If you'd like to assemble your own kit, or just follow along with Spectra and her friends' adventures, you can access this year's issue, along with the teacher's manual edition.

For those doing activity 4 in this year's edition, you can download the .mp3 referenced in the manual—the audio file is a recording of a bassoon playing C in 7 different octaves. The human ear can hear a very wide range of frequencies. The frequencies in the order heard on the MP3 are:

1046.50 Hz
523.25 Hz
261.63 Hz
130.81 Hz
65.41 Hz
32.70 Hz
16.35 Hz

Keep your speakers low at first—high-energy sound waves can be painful!