Comic Books

For years, PhysicsCentral has been engaging children (and children at heart) with our physics-based comic books.

Spectra 1

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Spectra 2: Power

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Spectra 3: Force

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Spectra 4: Spectra Heats Up

Read Spectra 4: Heats Up!

Spectra 5: Turbulent Times

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Tesla and the Electric Fair

Click to read Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair

Spectra 6: Quantum Leap

Spectra 6 Cover

Spectra 7: High Intensity

Spectra 7 cover

Spectra 8: Current Crisis

Click here to read or download all of Spectra 8: Spectra's Current Crisis!

Spectra 9: Sonic Surprise

Click here to read Spectra 9: Spectra's Sonic Surprise!


Spectra 10: Energetic Escape

Spectra 10: Energetic Escape

Spectra 11: Super Special

Spectra 11: Super Special cover image