People in Physics

Fundamentally, physics is not about big machines or mathematics or advanced technology—it is about people trying to find out how the world works. We introduce you to some of these people, telling you what kind of physics they do while also giving you a more complete picture of how they live their lives.



Interview with Astronaut Don Pettit

We talk to Don about scary moments in space, immigrating to Mars, human spaceflight and more.


Kelly Chipps

Nuclear physicist, Kelly Chipps (AKA Nuclear Kelly), understands just how difficult it is for some people to understand physicists, with her diverse background she is striving to make physics accessible to everyone.


James Roche

James Roche is part artist, part skateboarder, part physicist, and full time funny man. This physicist and APS project coordinator knows how to make any experience fun and exciting. Physics after all, can be funny.


Jelena Maricic

People from all over the world like stories and physicist Jelena Maricic is no exception. Maricic may enjoy a good fiction novel, but when it comes to explaining how particles in the universe behave she brings science to explanations that don’t seem far from science fiction.


Ben Van Dusen

What does one of the largest three-dimensional models of the solar system, Quantum Chaos in Nanoelectronics, the iPad, teaching and disc golf have in common? Besides varying from large to very small; from complicated computer technology to simple physics; from inside to outside and to far outside our Earth, these varied interests have found a friend in Ben Van Dusen.